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"Imagine a world of mentally and emotionally healthy people. Where we move through emotions quickly and easily from a place of SELF MASTERY and inclusivity. A place where our differences are celebrated & used for our ONENESS. A place to inject possibility, new ways of thinking and emotional intelligence; preventing depression, oppression and abuse in the world. This is the world I believe in and stand for. INTRODUCING BITNESS- a movement to Self Mastery through Healthy Mind, body, And Emotional Intelligence."
Michelle McClain


Get To Know Michelle

And the foundation of BITNESS

The most pivotal moment was when Michelle got fired from her job for drinking on the job. That moment of devastation is what Michelle now calls her "God Intervention" moment, which rerouted her life and set her on the path she lives now.
As a leader in the health and wellness industry, Michelle then went from an eviction notice to a million dollar business by helping people transform their lives.

She has proven that the American dream is alive and well with a remarkable story of redemption and success. Michelle has been able to overcome abuse of nearly every kind- physical, mental, emotional, sexual, women’s shelters, etc., as well she has also experienced the tragic loss of her brother. She overcame alcohol abuse, addiction, insomnia, and depression.

Growing up in schools where she was the minority, Michelle has a unique perspective of inclusivity and non-judgement, and her life is a beautiful example of what is possible when we look at soul versus race, gender, background, etc...
Her life experience gives her a unique understanding of human suffering and knows what it takes to overcome these obstacles. As a mentor and business owner, her journey took her into a world of personal growth and development -which she deems was her “gateway to healing”. She has helped facilitate transformational workshops for people from all around the world - supporting breakthroughs both mentally and emotionally as a certified life coach, in addition to her 10 years of health coaching. Her training and coaching is practical, scientific and also holistic.

Her experience, leadership, and guidance has already had a huge impact, and has transformed thousands of lives globally. Her mission is to influence millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally; achieving true wealth, which is defined as well-being. This is where BITNESS comes into play in the world- through various courses, media shows and input from experts, as well as 1 on 1 coaching, and events.

"Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work."

Jeremiah 1:5



Liberate: Free From The Cage - 6 Weeks to getting into alignment with self- both mentally and emotionally. Learn to metabolize emotions (energy in motion) quickly and easily. A key pillar to Self Mastery. (Available now for enrollment)
Wholeness, Joy After Loss of a Loved One, The Intuitive GPS, Overcoming Rejection. (Subscribe for dates/availability)

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I've had the great honor and pleasure of knowing Michelle or (Coach Meech) is what I call her for several years now. From the moment I met her I knew she was not only special but had a gift. She's helped me break through plateaus and mindsets both spiritually and mentally that have advanced me to unforseen levels. Always there to help in any way she can and always giving all she has. Again, I am so honored to know her and proud to be alongside her throughout her leadership journey! 💎

Darien Hall
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